Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is the use of diet and supplement recommendations to improve an individual’s health.  There are a wide variety of diet protocols, which can be used to help the body heal.  Specific diets can decrease inflammation, support healthy digestion, balance hormones, balance blood sugar, influence energy levels and overall improve well being.  Nutrition can also be used therapeutically to strengthen and support the biochemical pathways in the body.

Food sensitivities are a common cause of many symptoms and diseases. Naturopathic medicine can help people identify their food sensitivities and provide information on maintaining a healthy diet while avoiding the offending foods. Elimination diets, celiac screening, food sensitivity testing and SIBO testing can all be used to make the assist in making the most appropriate recommendations.

Clinical nutrition also includes the use of vitamins and minerals therapeutically.  Evidence based research shows many advantages to using micro-nutrients to improve specific health conditions.  Not all supplement recommendations fit every person.  Naturopathic doctors are able to design safe, individualized, supplement plans specific to your needs.  Each treatment protocol is tailored to the individual based on their current health and their personal health history.

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