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In addition to being a Naturopathic Doctor, I am also a Registered Acupuncturist.  Acupuncture can qualify for insurance reimbursement under naturopathic workplace benefit packages, through acupuncture benefits or both depending on your plan.  Some benefit plans have restrictions on types of practitioners that are covered for acupuncture treatments. It is a good idea to check your specific coverage so we can book the most appropriate visit type for you.

Only naturopathic benefits (no separate acupuncture coverage) or no benefits coverage
I perform acupuncture for these patients as part of my naturopathic practice and bill accordingly. If you are booking as a naturopathic patient but are primarily interested in acupuncture, please let us know at your first appointment.  This allows us to direct our intake toward an acupuncture assessment and it will allow us to get started with the acupuncture more quickly but we will bill the visits as naturopathic visits.  If you require a naturopathic new patient package, please fill out Adult Naturopathic New Patient Forms.

Both naturopathic benefits and acupuncture benefits
We recommend that most patients with both types of coverage who are interested in acupuncture book as Naturopathic New Patients (rather than Acupuncture New Patients).  This allows patients to use their naturopathic benefits for the first two assessment visits and then switch to their acupuncture coverage for later treatments.  By using a mix of both types of benefits, it results in a larger number of acupuncture treatments being covered by insurance annually.  This also provides the opportunity for patients to ask any questions that may fall within the scope of a Naturopathic Doctor but are not within the scope of a Registered Acupuncturist such as questions about supplements, herbs, or laboratory testing.  If you require a naturopathic new patient package, please fill out Adult Naturopathic New Patient Forms.

If a patient has both types of benefit coverage but currently is under the care of another Naturopathic Doctor and wishes to visit our clinic as an acupuncture only patient, they should fill out our New Patient Registered Acupuncture Forms.

Only acupuncture benefits available
If a patient only has Acupuncture coverage appointments should be booked as New Acupuncture Patient Registered Acupuncture coverage only.  If you require Acupuncture only forms, please fill out our New Patient Registered Acupuncture Forms.

Please check your insurance benefits prior to your first visit to ensure we are booking the appropriate visit type for you and that you are filling out the correct forms prior to your visit.

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