The world has changed due to COVID-19.  We are taking many measures to keep our staff and patients as safe as we possibly can, as we reopen our clinic.

As a clinic we have made many changes including:

  • installing a plexi-glass barrier at reception
  • increased disinfection and sanitation 
  • personal protective equipment for staff 
  • new waiting room chairs that are easily cleaned and disinfected
  • removing extra items such as tea, toys and magazines
  • encouraging payment through tap enabled credit cards or credit card information on file when possible rather than cheque or cash transactions
  • emailing receipts to minimize paper exchange
  • changing traffic flow.  Patients will now enter the stairs to get to our office by going through the door within the chiropractic clinic to minimize congestion and encourage physical distancing. 

In order to minimize the number of people in our office at one time and the length of time that people are in our office, we do ask that you call or email before coming to our office to pick up supplements so we can have your order ready for quick pick up.  Contact-less pickups are still available and encouraged.

We will be continuing telemedicine for any patients who would prefer to meet by phone or video for any reason.  There are many advantages to telemedicine, it can be especially helpful for:

tele-medicine, video consult, online doctor

  • patients who are at high risk
  • patients who enjoy the convenience of telemedicine visits
  • people who live out of town
  • parents who have kids at home without childcare
  • patients who have any symptoms that would raise a red flag in the pre-screening questionnaire including seemingly well people who have had exposure to a known or suspected COVID-19 case

We are asking our patients for help to keep themselves and our other patients safe when they come to our clinic.  We are asking patients to:

  • wear masks when coming into our office (cloth masks are fine)
  • use hand sanitizer on entering the clinic before their visits and when exiting the clinic
  • complete the COVID-19 screening checklist that will be sent to them prior to their visits
  • try to maintain distance from other patients and staff when possible
  • arrive on time but not more than 10 minutes before their appointment times
  • refrain from coming to the office if they have any symptoms included in the COVID-19 screening tool 
  • refrain from coming to our office for 14 days after contact with someone with known or suspected COVID-19 or after travel outside of Ontario
  • use good cough hygiene by coughing into elbows rather than into their hands
  • wash their hands with soap both on entering the washroom and after going to the washroom
  • acupuncture patients should bring their own foil blanket for appointments as community foil blankets will not be available
  • refrain from bringing extra people with them to appointments (exceptions will be made for a parent attending a child’s appointment or a caregiver attending with a patient who requires assistance).  If you are driven to your appointment by another person, please have them wait in the car for the duration of your appointment

If you suspect you may have COVID-19, we would like to direct you to the public health screening tool to use their self assessment tool.

We are excited to be back in the clinic, helping people achieve their best health!


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