I have a special interest in helping people grow their families.

For over 15 years, I have been assisting women conceive to add to their families.  I am comfortable working with individuals who are looking to conceive at any point in their fertility journey.  Many women consult with me prior to conception who are planning to try to have a baby soon who wish to improve their health prior to conceiving, I also see women who have had issues in previous pregnancies who want to do what they can to have a better outcome with this pregnancy. I frequently work with women and couples who have been attempting to conceive but have so far been unsuccessful at getting pregnant or staying pregnant.baby pregnancy miscarriage fertility infertility

Frequently, I work with women or couples who have been trying to conceive for quite a while and are working with a fertility clinic using reproductive procedures such as IVF or IUI.  In these situations, I frequently use acupuncture to support the work that is being done by the fertility clinic.

Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture can both be effective options to increase fertility and increase the likelihood of delivering a healthy baby at the end of pregnancy.  A variety of strategies can be used to normalize menstrual cycles, improve egg and sperm quality, support hormonal balance and improve overall health of the prospective parents.  Improving health of parents often will lead to improved pregnancy rates and increased likelihood of delivering a healthy baby.

I have experience and am comfortable assisting women with many conditions including PCOS, unexplained infertility, anovulation, irregular cycles, egg quality issues, luteal phase defect, low progesterone, recurrent miscarriage and endometriosis.

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